Salt Water Shark Red Sandal


Salt Water Shark Red Sandals

  • Waterproof
  • Leather


Salt Water Shark Red Sandal The signature red Shark sandal looks great on both boys and girls and gives a pop of colour to any outfit. The Shark features a traditional fisherman style lattice and is the perfect sandal for active feet. The woven semi-closed toe and heel offer extra protection for all kinds of activities. They can be worn in water and handwashed using a gentle detergent. Did you know this is also a water shoe? All of our sandals are made from 100% waterproof leather with rust proof buckles. Salt Water Shark Red Sandal   Fitting advice: Salt Water are US sizing so please remember to click on the “size guide” above to double check. Other Salt Water products are available here   

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US1/32, US1/33, US10-26-27, US11/28, US12/29, US13/30-31, US13/32, US2/33, US2/34, US3/18, US3/34, US3/35, US4/19, US4/36, US5/20-21, US5/37, US6/22, US6/38, US7/23, US7/39, US8/24, US8/40-41, US9/25, US9/41-42