Salt Water Original White

Salt Water Original White Sandals

  • Waterproof
  • Leather

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Salt Water Original White
This is the first model to come out of Walter Hoy’s workshop in the 1940’s.
It remains unchanged and has been a cult classic in America for generations. Still the Original, Still the Best.
With any of the Salt Water sandals, should you get a sore spot, dunk your foot & sandal into water (yes really!) and wear them until they dry. Remember, every model can be used as a swimming shoe and can be hand washed with a gentle detergent. Salt Water Original White Other Salt Water products are available here   Please see our size chart by clicking “size guide” above  
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Additional information

Salt-Water Sizes


Please print off the size chart as a guide in this link;

Salt Watersize_charts-uk_1

We recommend going up +1 in the Sun-San range and +1 in the Salt-Water Original. If you are in between sizes you may find only +1 is still roomy enough e.g a UK 7.5 would be okay in a Salt-Water 8.