Biomecanics And Garvalin- Spanish Brand

The children’s footwear company Garvalin offers a wide range of shoes for boys and girl’s boots, where it is committed to quality, design and comfort. Check our brands Garvalin, Biomecanics, and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. As a children’s footwear company, the trajectory of Grupo Garvalín is defined with a very clear mission: Make quality shoes. A seemingly simple objective that, however, contains a declaration of intent and a specific way of working. Our mission, Innovate and seek excellence through the union between know-how and creativity. Born next to the Mediterranean, in the southeast of Spain and since its creation, in 1968, the company converges, on the one hand, a great tradition in footwear and, on the other, all the entrepreneurial and creative energy of this area . Throughout this time, Garvalín has been creating its products with special attention to the analysis of the needs of its customers, ranging from the first pair of gifts to the newborn to the footwear for the consolidated march, passing through the first steps, crawling, school, free time, etc. This long experience in the treatment of the raw material and in the elaboration processes, as well as the thrust of talent at the service of creativity, define an ideal product for an increasingly informed and demanding consumer. Today, that first Garvalín family has grown. Its three brands: Garvalín, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Biomecanics offer as many different product lines that are distributed throughout the world. With the incorporation of the second generation in creation, product management and marketing, the company continues to grow and offer design and quality. It continues to realize that mission that prevails since its inception: Make a suitable footwear, adapted to the needs, that offers the client a wellness experience. With the second generation already incorporated in management, the company continues to grow in experience and dedication. We are already a large team of professionals that complement and strengthen each other and for those who do their homework well is the most important. Our goal as a group is to reach a child from birth to practically an adult and to do so in accordance with their needs and with quality assurance. For this, a high dose of demand is essential, a technique and design in constant improvement and a great sense of utility.

Birkenstock- German Brand

Birkenstock is an exceptional phenomenon in a clothing industry characterized by short-lived fashion trends. The company’s roots can be traced back to 1774. Our brand identity is based on a solid foundation of two and a half centuries of corporate history.

Global brand with German roots

Birkesntock is a global brand. Birkenstock is not only one of the top five global footwear brands, it is also one of the most well known German brands in the world. With around 3,000 employees, this tradition-rich, sixth-generation family-owned business is also the German footwear industry’s largest employer. About one in four employees in the industry works at BIRKENSTOCK. More than 1,100 new jobs have been created since the beginning of 2013, almost all of them in Germany. This is because BIRKENSTOCK produces most of its products at its own production facilities in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Saxony.

Birkenstock has been a global player since the 1970s. Our products are sold in some 90 countries on all continents. And our organization is becoming increasingly international as well. BIRKENSTOCK has eight locations in Germany. Internationally, we are represented with sales offices in the United States, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.


We create products that make the lives of our customers easier and better. Our core products is our unique, anatomically shaped footbed. BIRKENSTOCK invented the footbed and has also shaped the meaning of the term “footbed”, which is so common today. The footbed is not only a unique, revolutionary product concept that paved the way for a completely new market. It’s also a core idea and a reference point for everything that we do. Now and in the future. Everyone should have access to our footbed.

Birkenstock stands for excellent comfort, high functionality and extraordinary quality. The high level of quality is the result of carefully selected, high-quality materials from sustainable sources that are processed under what are for our brand typically demanding conditions. Our products promote wellbeing. They literally do good. So they stand out from the flood of cheap products that dominate large parts of our consumer world today.

BOBUX- New Zealand

We make shoes that are the best thing parents can do for their kids feet. 

We’ve been at it since 1991. That year Chris and Colleen Bennett designed the world’s first all leather Soft Sole for their daughter, Chloe, and it’s been a story of innovation and phenomenal growth ever since. Flash forward to present day Bobux and you’ll see a company constantly striving to learn more about healthy foot development and leveraging this knowledge to design kids shoes that are genuine objects of desire for mums. We love good design. We love challenging ourselves to design shoes that are both stylish and good for kids. We love what the future holds for Bobux and the children that grow up in them.

BE YOUNG At Bobux we believe in taking a youthful approach to everything we do. 

From our constant thirst for knowledge to our somewhat naïve belief that we will design the best kids shoes in the world, we thrive in a world without boundaries. Much like the children that wear our shoes, we embrace creativity in all its forms. This is what makes us different from other kid’s shoe brands. We are open-minded and unafraid to challenge what we think we know.  We endeavour get to know our customers. We ask them questions, visit their homes, and invite them to be part of our design process. We strive to learn more; to be experts in foot development and design shoes that are actually good for kids. And we love doing it.

Bogs- American

At Bogs, we know a thing or two about the great outdoors. We actually know way more than a thing or two about the great outdoors, but what’s important to know is that we think the outdoors are great. That’s why they’re called the great outdoors. You probably know that Bogs are from Oregon, the land of lumberjacks, trailblazers, dairy farmers, and cycling baristas with big, bushy beards. They have those beards because Oregon can be wet and cold and gloriously miserable. But with Bogs, your feet are never miserable. Because we have devoted our entire lives to making boots that are lighter and more comfortable than any other boot, in any kind of weather. Then we put them through the kind of testing that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, if you had one. The result? Boots that are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, easier to get on and off, and sometimes cuter, than just about anything you can put on your feet. Because we not only have your back; we have your toes. And your heels and your arches. And most of your ankles, calves and shins, as well. That’s just who we are. We’re Bogs, and we are 100% comfortable in our own boots. And we guarantee that you will be too.


We are a contemporary footwear brand from the island of Mallorca, Spain. Founded in 1975, we are a family business with a rich shoemaking heritage that we use to create unique designs. Every season we strive to reinvent some of our classic concepts while continuing to challenge the status quo with new and original designs. We often find that there is a Camper style for every walk of life.

Founded in Mallorca in 1975, Lorenzo Fluxa created Camper to respond to the demand for a new and fresh style of footwear. With a rich heritage in shoemaking, a unique brand was created full of diversity and contrast which is now admired the world over.  Camper’s shoes are still designed and developed in Inca, in the rural heart of Mallorca. Here a young creative team work alongside artisans to create approximately 500 models each season. Now in its fourth generation, the brand’s footprint has stretched around the globe with stores in more than 40 countries.

Chipmunks- London

Chipmunks Footwear is a collection of fun and fashionable children’s shoes especially designed to look after those precious little feet! 
The brand was established in 1996 and since then we have sold over 5 million pairs.  Chipmunks offers real value for money without compromising on quality. 
At Chipmunks we know that infant shoes must be flexible, roomy and simply made. Our wider fitting shoes accommodate young toes and feet allowing them to grow naturally without restrictions or pressures.
The brand is owned by Courtaulds, which was established in 1816 and is made up of several divisions including footwear, intimates and legwear and produces over 120 million garments and shoes every year.  
We have also manufactured for many big names on the UK high street including Clarks and Marks & Spencer – so we know a thing or two about making quality shoes!
Put together by the creative and sourcing teams based here in London and the Far East, we manufacture almost all our products in our own factory in southern China. 
The Chipmunks range is mainly produced from premium soft leathers and suedes and use linings such as warm fleece to ensure cozy little feet.  
We try to incorporate as many features and benefits to our range as we can such as side zips, easy clean materials and extra grip soles.

Crocs- American

In 2002, Crocs introduced the world to one of the most unique brands that anyone had ever seen: they were different and it made some people uncomfortable. Now, hundreds of millions of shoes later, they make the world comfortable.

Crocs™ footwear is manufactured in China, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam or Bosnia. Legendary Croslite™ foam cushioning offers all-day comfort and support.

Fly London- UK

Fly London was created in the UK in 1994 and it’s owned by Fortunato O. Frederico & Ca Lda with head office and production in Portugal. 
From the very beginning that Fly London’s design philosophy has been to create original fashion products using traditional techniques in an unexpected way.
Bound for the fashion market, Fly London is uncompromising in its style and design. 

Froddo- Croatia

A fulfilled childhood has nothing to do with cleanliness, obedience or listening to your mum who hassles you to eat the whole apple. A happy child is a little playful child who has the freedom to enjoy a game with his friends, to discover how much sand will fit in the hole next to the tree, how many worms can fit into a small cup or how fast can he eat a whole chocolate bar. No child is the same just as no foot is the same. We celebrate this diversity, we celebrate it and we do not want to practice the one-size-fits-all approach among children because in this way all the beauty is lost. We want to make children feel as if this individual shoe, boot, sandal or trainer is made just for them – for James, Alex, Frieda, Lota, Phillip or Petra. Children who grow up freely are not only happier, but they also leave distinct footprints.

Ivančica was established as a small business made up of a group of shoemakers. Through mutual assistance, updating our knowledge and hard work, we have become a company with over one thousand employees – today a leading footwear manufacturer in Croatia. We have grown in size, but the spirit of initial enthusiasm and solidarity has remained the same – from as far back as 1946.

Ivančica produces 5,000 pairs of shoes a day. Since a man takes an average of 18,000 steps a day, and a child even more, we believe that each of these steps is our responsibility, but also our reward. Every shoe that we offer on the market is produced in an environmentally friendly way without any harmful substances and compounds such as Chromium (VI). In addition, in the manufacture of our footwear we use exclusively water-based adhesives. We produce shoes that care about the environment, as well as the health of children.

Ivančica produces 5,000 pairs of shoes a day. Since a man takes an average of 18,000 steps a day, and a child even more, we believe that each of these steps is our responsibility, but also our reward. Every shoe that we offer on the market is produced in an environmentally friendly way without any harmful substances and compounds such as Chromium (VI). In addition, in the manufacture of our footwear we use exclusively water-based adhesives. We produce shoes that care about the environment, as well as the health of children.


The Geox Group creates, produces, promotes and distributes Geox-brand footwear and apparel, the main feature of which is the use of innovative and technological solutions that can guarantee the ability to breathe and remain waterproof at the same time.

The extraordinary success that Geox has achieved is due to the technological characteristics of its shoes and apparel.

Thanks to a technology that has been protected by 38 different patents and by 24 more recent patent applications registered in Italy and extended internationally, “Geox” products ensure technical characteristics that improve foot and body comfort in a way that consumers are able to appreciate immediately.

Geox’s innovation stems essentially from the creation and development of special outsoles: thanks to a special membrane that is permeable to vapour but impermeable to water, rubber outsoles are able to breathe and leather outsoles remain waterproof. In the apparel sector the innovation increases the expulsion of body’s internal humidity thanks to hollow spaces and aerators.

Geox is market leader in Italy in its own segment and is one of the leading brands world-wide in the “International Lifestyle Casual Footwear Market” (source: Shoe Intelligence, 2018).

Hatley Montreal

Back in the 80s, Alice and John Oldland moved from Toronto, Canada, to the lakeside village of North Hatley, Québec, where they opened a gift shop called the Little Blue House (la Petite maison bleue). Alice, a painter, was inspired by the surrounding countryside and designed a series of aprons featuring her whimsical farm animals. The aprons sold like hot cakes and it wasn’t long before other stores wanted to sell them too. And thus, was born the Little Blue House gift line. Alice and John quickly grew their cottage business supplying stores with the best cow and pig aprons the world had EVER seen! Soon after, cows and pigs gave birth to moose and bears; aprons led to apparel and many other gift items.

In the late 90s when John and Alice were ready to retire, they handed the reins to their three sons, Chris, Nick and Jeremy. Deciding to focus even more on themes found in the wilds of Canada, the brothers introduced comfy sleepwear for women and continued to grow the gift line further still. Soon after, the siblings embraced fatherhood for the first time. This new chapter in their lives inspired the launch of a children’s premium fashion line that you know today as the Hatley brand. Spurred on by a growing library of original illustrations, the company developed a collection of colourfully printed apparel, sleepwear and trendsetting rainwear also under the Hatley brand. Always looking for a new challenge, Hatley designed its first full women’s apparel collection in 2010.

While today the company is headquartered in Montreal, Hatley’s heart and soul is still very much in North Hatley. The village’s heritage, its gorgeous lake and simple lifestyle continue to influence everything the company designs. In fact, North Hatley has been the backdrop of many campaign photo shoots and will continue to be. 

And so, what started as a small gift shop in cottage country, has today become an international gift and apparel business loved the world over. Hatley and Little Blue House designs are now sold in 38 countries around the world and the brothers continue to ensure that Hatley stands for the same principles on which it was first founded: family, thoughtful designs, made-to-last quality and, of course, a sense of humour.



… there was hummel. Founded in 1923, hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball.

hummel is one of the oldest, most dedicated team sport brands in the business and our iconic chevrons have always worked as a symbol of how we like to do things a little differently – always with a twist and (a whole lot of) character. Values that apply to the company’s numerous sponsorships around the world.


Everything we do at hummel starts and ends with sports. This also applies to our different fashion sub-brands: hummel Sport Style, hummel Hive as well as our many collabs. Our popular Kids collection is also centered around sportswear – designed and produced for active play and movement.


At hummel, we’re determined to “CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT”.

The better we are at managing and developing hummel as a business, the more resources we can allocate to creating positive change.

For us, sport is more than a physical activity. It’s a universal language with the strength to eliminate differences in politics, culture, religion and beliefs. Throughout the years, we have supported several projects, teams, sports clubs and prominent figures focusing on changing the world through sport; always with the hope to build bridges and help pave the way for a better tomorrow.

We love sport. And we love those passionate and brave people out there who dare to lead the way for a great cause. Ultimately, we’re proud to use sport as a way to change the world for the better and to make the world a more tolerant place to live for all of us.


Brazil is synonymous with vibrancy, natural beauty and diversity, and bold, bright colours – all of which are seen, heard and felt in the sandals flip-flopping around the world-famous neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro. The focus in Rio is the beach; the main attractions being the golden sands of Ipanema and Copacabana.

Whilst you’re there, check out the unique pattern that adorns the Ipanema sidewalk. Known as the Ipanema Çalcadão, this interlocking pattern is exclusive to Ipanema beach, and we’ve incorporated it into our footwear. You’ll fit right in!

Ipanema flip flops are created to bring you a piece of that free-flowing, elegant, relaxed vibe that you’ll experience while strolling around the Ipanema beach and neighbourhood, with a warm sea at your ankles, the ocean breeze in your hair and dreamy bossa nova rhythms in the air… the sensual epitome of cool.

Ipanema footwear is manufactured in Brazil – home of the Amazon, one of the world’s most important natural environments. It’s a source of pride for the Brazilian people, and is a habitat that we are fanatical about protecting.

Ipanema is a leader in socially responsible and sustainable manufacturing. Unlike many other manufacturers of footwear, Ipanema products are 100% recyclable and do not use any rubber from our rainforests. This dramatically reduces our waste, and enables us to recycle 99% of our waste products.

Our workplaces are integrated into the communities based around our factories in northern Brazil. Employees – and their families – enjoy health and dental care benefits, professional growth and personal development.

All employees are protected by the ILO Conventions which Brazil has adopted, which prevent child labour and are anti-slavery, amongst other workers rights. There are seminars and lectures provided to our coveted workforce, covering topics such as healthy lifestyles and family planning.

The production units are built to cater for those with disabilities and improve and develop employees performance. Ipanema are constantly striving to find new ways to minimise their impact on their environment.

The factories which bring you Ipanema are ahead of the curve in recycling, having developed manufacturing processes that re-use:

• 99% of industrial waste • Water used in production • PVC production material • Painting residues

Kickers- France

Kickers is an iconic brand with global reach – loved since 1970, and still as relevant as ever. is the home of Kickers in the UK and the best source of Kickers footwear – from the classic Kick Hi to new, on-trend adult collections and our wildly popular kids’ shoes.

We’re proud of our reputation for creating high-quality leather boots and shoes with an unmatched comfort and attention to detail – and for our unmistakably Kickers approach to life and style: classic, relaxed, relevant… and accessible to all.

We’ve built a loyal following around the world over since starting our footwear revolution in 1970 – that’s the year that Kickers was born, when French fashion visionary Daniel Raufast created a new style of casual boot designed specifically for wearing with jeans.

Lazy Dogz – UK

Since our establishment in 2001 we have strived to bring the highest quality, British designed footwear to the market. Our team has taken their wealth of knowledge and experience, dedicating themselves to producing the most stylish and durable slippers and now sandals.

Your feet are what carry you through this life, so make sure you’re taking the very best care of them. From comfy slippers for the colder months to stylish sandals and flip-flops for the summer, we’ll keep you covered all year round.

As a company of dog lovers we also wanted the opportunity to give back, so £1 from every purchase here at LAZY dogz goes to the Manchester Dogs Home!

Lelli Kelly- Italy


Everything starts in a village on the Brittany’s gateaway, in France.
The Noël Kids Village is a place where the pact of friends is law. Here, we run, we jump, we climb trees and we stumble without worrying about growing up. 

You just have to be well accompanied.
At Noël Kids, we take the game seriously. We believe that growing well begins with walking well to marvel and feel free. Since 1927, we have been transmitting our universe and creating shoes with unequaled comfort and lightness.
More than a shoemaker, Noël Kids makes your child’s imagination work. Welcome to Noël Kids Village! 

Petasil- Portugal

Petasil is a vibrant kids footwear brand. Estabilished in 1988 in the heart of Portugal’s historic shoe industry in St Joao da Madeira, Petasil create stylish, fashionable footwear whilst ensuring kids foot care is at the forefront.

This burgeoning fashion forward brand has even attracted more than its fair share of celebrity yummy mummy followers, hardly surprising when the quality of the brand is considered.

All Petasil footwear is crafted from the finest quality leather and the soles are produced to be as soft and flexible as possible.



Play is fundamental, a hard-wired universal concept. We come into the world knowing how to eat, breathe, sleep… and play. These human essentials cut across cultures, politics, ethnicities and gender.

Play is a constant that still remains ever-changing, reinvented daily by kids and limited only by their boundless imaginations. But there is an artificial line between kids and adults when it comes to play.

Our goal is to erase that line and harness the power of play for everyone—starting with shredding the notion of age limits, of growing up, of losing that spirit of joy. On our journey, we start by asking ourselves, and the world, “Do you still PLAE?”

we’ve had many enquiries about whether plae kids shoes will work with orthotics and afos. the unique design and engineering of plae shoes and interchangeable tabs allow for accommodation of orthotics and afos. a wider shoe opening allows for easy entry. the insoles can be removed and a wider toe box gives you that extra needed space. the interchangeable tabs (velcro straps) come in different lengths including extra-long to allow for a custom fit. learn about PLAE’S unique design and engineering for orthotics and afos

plae shoes are built with kids biomechanics in mind. they’re designed with rounded edges and flexible soles for smoother and more balanced movement. they have reflexive traction which grips on loose earth without compromising contact on hard surfaces. our shoes are durable and comfortable, while featuring removable contoured insoles as well as breathable and washable materials made especially for children.

Primigi- Italy

We have always been highly committed to the most demanding consumers of all: children. Children grow, they change, they look to the future with excitement. For them, PRIMIGI manufactures fine products that are nice to look at and comfortable to wear, protecting them and accompanying them on their extraordinary adventure of “growing up”.

PRIMIGI is well known by mothers and kids as a children’s specialist. PRIMIGI has an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of each age group and accompanies the child’s development with carefully researched solutions.
All products have been designed down to the very last detail to ensure they are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and durable.

PRIMIGI, the historic brand for children’s shoes, was founded in 1976, establishing itself on the market with its first steps shoes.
The brand immediately became synonymous with technological know-how, scrupulously selected materials and Italian style.
It was an instant success: PRIMIGI shoes were seen as innovative and were valued for the quality of their materials, their advanced construction technology, and their carefully designed and balanced shapes to keep little feet healthy as they grow.

In just a few years, PRIMIGI became the leader in its home market, steadily reinforcing its position.
At the same time, it began to make inroads on the most important foreign markets.

Salt Water- America

As a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II, Walter Hoy started making his sandals using the scrap leather left over from making military boots. 
Word soon spread and before long, families from all over St. Louis, were asking if Walter could make sandals for their kids.

Seventy years on and Hoy shoes’ classic designs continue to deliver durable leather comfort with a fashion savvy attitude. 
Combined with rust-proof metal tongue buckles and produced in a wide choice of colours and designs, the enduring quality & proven heritage of their sandals is unquestionable. 
Salt-Water originals are defined by their tough little-way stitched rubber sole, whilst the Sun-San range is built upon a more bouncy urethane bonded base.

The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant and they mould to the user’s feet with repeated wear. The brass buckles allow straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet. 
They are great for running in and out of the ocean and can be handwashed with a gentle detergent – the perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions.

A summer staple in America for 70 years, they are now being spotted on a growing number of celebrities.